Project 333 – One In, Two Out


I think we have all heard the mantra of “One In, One Out” in order to keep the clutter under control.  This week I have gone one better.  I made this skirt last week.

003Now I have sent these 2 skirts to the op shop.

2015-02-05 02I bought the navy/white one when we were in the USA in 2012 and it is wearing out.  The lightweight fabric is pulling away from the seams at the sides of the waistband and I noticed that it has actually split along the fold of the hem in a couple of places so definitely time to go.  The red/white skirt is one that I made a while ago.  I attempted to make a pattern from the navy/white skirt.  It was reasonably successful and I have certainly worn it many times but it is far from perfect.  Now that i have a perfect pattern I will be using that for future skirts that I make.  Time for these to go.

5 thoughts on “Project 333 – One In, Two Out

  1. g’day
    just found your blog, like the new skirt, am not a skirt wearer myself.
    i keep all my old clothes as i am hoping to make accessories like bath mats, pot stands, etc with them (i make fabric yarn to knit atm)
    have a great day

    • Hi Selina

      Welcome to my blog and I hope you find it of interest. I am intrigued by the fabric yarn. Do you have more details on your blog? I must check it out.

  2. I’m not a skirt wearer, but I like what you’ve done 🙂 Just found your blog – I’m also doing The Project 333, and have found it to be a real winner at helping me organise my life. I sitll have too many boxed up clothes I’m not *quite* ready to part with yet, but it’s getting there!

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