Project 333 – Wardrobe Additions


Adding to my wardrobe may seem to be contrary to the essence of Project 333 but it is not about denial but having a small collection of clothes that you love and wear.  The more I work with what I have the more clarity I have about the direction I want to take.

Last week I bought a new pair of shoes but they do not really count as they as for walking (exercise).

2015-03-21 01I did consider actually selecting 33 items to participate in Project 333  this autumn (fall) as I am in the southern hemisphere.  However, I am constantly drawn to the idea of a modest selection of clothes which can be worn year-round (with modifications) as we live in a warm temperate climate.  I work in an air-conditioned office during the week and live on a small, semi-rural acreage.

I tend to wear separates – skirts/trousers and shirts to the office and a few years ago I only owned one dress.  I have since realised that it was not really my choice – I love dresses – but dresses that I found suitable and flattering were difficult to find.  I now have 5 dresses plus a dress suitable for wedding/special occasions.  Additionally, I have fabric to make another dress and am seriously contemplating buying this one.

2015-03-21 02It is identical to these two dresses I already have in my wardrobe.

2013-02-11 02 2013-02-11 03Along with a plain black and two black/white dresses these could form the basis of a year-round office wardrobe.  I have a red jacket that can be worn with the two existing dresses and I would make or buy a navy jacket which could go with the new dress as well as the pink/red one.

My other proposed purchase is this bag.

2015-03-21 03I found it on Friday and plan to go back and buy it on Monday.  I have been looking for a bigger bag for some months as I want to be able to put my laptop in it and still have space for a few personal items – purse, sunglasses, phone, car keys.  My plan is to make this the one bag that I take to work so that I am not carrying a laptop case as well as a handbag.  My small black handbag will still be used on all other occasions.

By judiciously choosing the additions to my wardrobe and removing those items that do not make the grade, I am gradually creating a collection of clothes that I love and which work together in a variety of ways.

Unlike the earrings, my clothes are definitely a work in progress and that will continue to be the case.  What was perfect 3 years ago is now worn out, looking a bit jaded, no longer a perfect fit or just not a favourite.  I can see my wardrobe evolving to match my changing style.

6 thoughts on “Project 333 – Wardrobe Additions

    • Bags are not really a weakness for me. I cannot bear having too many as I hate the thought of constantly changing things from one bag to another. I have a small black evening shoulder bag which was a cast-off from younger daughter and a small pewter-coloured bag which I bought about 15 years ago to go with a specific pair of shoes which I no longer have so the bag should be moved on. I have a simple cross-body black bag which I use for every other occasion but it is a nuisance taking a bag plus a laptop bag to work and the red one will allow me to combine the 2 functions in one bag. I particularly liked the idea of red as it will go with both black and navy. My basics have been almost exclusively black but I am looking at adding in a bit of navy so this will work well.

  1. I like the idea of a small wardrobe that works for your lifestyle rather than an artificial number, though that has been a catalyst for you. I am doing something similar and am wondering if there is an age limit on clothes, i.e. is it time to rid myself of something I bought in 2007, it is in good condition but hasn’t been worn much because of weight issues at some stage. It fits, is slightly long but I can’t tell if it’s daggy or not!!

    • I don’t think there is necessarily an age limit on clothes – especially classic pieces. However, it sounds as though it needs the length adjusting and as for the daggy factor, you need a really honest opinion. What about your daughter? I find that my girls are brutally truthful. Good luck with your decision.

  2. i would certainly get that dress, it’s a lovely refreshing colour & looks very ‘cool’ perfect for summer.
    no harm in adding a few items, sometimes it’s essential. that is a lovely bag too.

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