Flashback Friday


Here is a post from February 2012 about accessories.  In particular, the earrings that I own.  It is interesting to note that my current collection is identical to that which I had 3 years ago – nothing has changed.

I have enough, probably more than enough, earrings and I wear most of them regularly and some just occasionally.  I do not feel the need to have any more and I am happy with what I have.

Tell me about collections that you have which have not changed over time?

I can’t imagine having so many earrings that I would need storage like this.

2015-03-20 01

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. I so rarely change my earings. You have a very interesting way of keeping your earings neat and easy to find. Did you make it? A great idea for Christmas presents

    • Hi Carol

      The ‘book’ is a photo I found online but is not mine. My earrings would not even take up one page! Good idea though for gits. 🙂

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