Finding the Freezer


Well, it wasn’t the actual freezer – more like the contents!.

Today I was working from home and late this afternoon I went looking for a chicken casserole in the freezer to have for dinner.  I do not keep an absolute inventory of the contents of the freezer but generally have a pretty fair idea of what is in there.  I could not even remember what type of container the casserole was in but I eventually found it.

While I was looking for the casserole I found a few odds and ends that needed to be used up and the drawers needed cleaning  as well.

Here are the contents of the top drawer.

001The drawer was washed and ready to repack.

002Organised and ready to replace.

005The bottom drawer finished as well.

006This was the freezer section of my main refrigerator in the kitchen.  We also have a small bar-sized freezer downstairs.  There are are few food items but it is mostly frozen water which we stored during the storm season.  This could be thawed and used and the remaining food transferred to the freezer in the kitchen.  I will do that on the weekend and then defrost the small freezer.

This is what I have in the freezers at the moment.

Salmon – 6 serves
Chicken – 4 serves
Diced beef – 4 serves
Mince – 2 serves
Sausages – 8 serves
Bacon – 6 rashers
Frozen peas – 1.5 packets
Home-made bread – 6 slices
Tomato pulp – 500ml
Honey/soy sauce – 100ml
Broccoli stalk – 1
Zucchini slice – 2 serves
Cherry tomatoes – 2kg
Chopped basil and tomatoes – 2 ice-cube trays
Ground coffee – 500g
Mango puree – 1.2 litres
Guava puree – 1.5 litres
Berry juice – 800ml
Pumpkin soup – 5 serves
Celery soup – 2 serves
Crushed bunya nuts – 2 kg
Ice – 10 litre

When I re-read the list it is evident that my freezer contents are mostly meat and storage of some of the things we grow – cherry tomatoes, basil, mangoes, guavas, bunya nuts and pumpkins.  Sometimes I have more prepared meals.

How do you keep track of what is in the freezer?  What sorts of things do you store.

2 thoughts on “Finding the Freezer

  1. Hi Fairy, I don’t keep a written inventory of my frozen foods, like you I have a good idea of what is in there at any given time. I tend to keep meat in the freezer of the fridge in the kitchen. I keep frozen meals and sweet slices and the butter in the freezer of my husband’s beer fridge and I keep everything else in the chest freezer.

  2. We have two freezers – the one under the fridge and a chest freezer. The chest freezer is in the detached room, which is currently my partner’s kid’s room. This makes it hard for me to access it while still respecting his privacy! I’m hoping once he moves out we will be able to use the freezers more effectively. I’d like to have prepared meals and meat and larger ingredients in the chest freezer, and basic ingredients like stock or frozen herbs in the indoor freezer. The kind of thing you need while you’re cooking. At the moment it’s split in between the two and it makes it very hard to keep track of what’s in there, and how long it’s been there!

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