Holiday Shopping

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I rarely purchase impulsively because on the days I am in the office I am simply too busy to be interested in wandering around the city to look for stuff to buy.  Since we live in a semi-rural area I have to make a specific trip for what I need so unplanned buys rarely happen.

Holidays seem to be a different story because I actually have time to stop and look around.

This is a fun post to share my purchases from today.

2015-12-23 01

Peanuts, pomegranate molasses, facewash and moisturiser was my haul for today.

We went to the A1 Lebanese Bakery because my daughter wanted pomegranate molasses for a salad she is making for Christmas lunch.  It seems to be a relatively common ingredient in Middle eastern cuisine and since I was not sure how easy it would be to source at home, I bought a bottle.

The peanuts were from a stall at the Queen Victoria Market and I thought the price was pretty good – $7/kg so I bought a kilogram.  I plan to use these to make my own peanut paste in my new blender.

Finally, the facewash and moisturiser are Sukin, which is the regular brand that I buy.  The small chemist next to the entrance to the market had a special with 20% off all Sukin products so I could not pass up an easy saving.

I am not sure that I would have ever bought pomegranate molasses if I had not been here as would not have known what to do with it but the other things would have been bought at some time.

Do you buy ‘different’ things when you are on holidays and more relaxed?


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