Clean and Ready


My workspace in the office is pretty well uncluttered.  Even though I often have piles of papers that I am working on during the day it is all packed up at the end of the day.

This is pretty much how I leave it every night.  The laptop is packed away as I also work from home on some days.

2016-02-19 01

I am quite excited as I am getting an adjustable Varidesk next week.

This is what it will look like.  It sits on the existing desk and can be adjusted to be used in either a sitting or standing position.

2016-02-19 02

I am really looking forward to the option of standing for at least part of the day and expect that moving around will be one of the positive benefits.

The limited amount of stuff on my desk means that I will easily be able to accommodate the Varidesk with almost no interruption.

2 thoughts on “Clean and Ready

  1. I also leave my workstation uncluttered as i leave each day.

    At home I’m a severe clutter bug but at work it looks a lot like your desk with the 2 monitors, phone, few files etc.

    We had a professional come and spend time with each of us to see how we use our equipment and our seating – she lowered my seat right down and it’s made a great difference to my back. The padding in front of your keyboard was discouraged by her. You might want to research that.

    I wish i had that sitting-standing desk – i saw a children’s doco on schools using them and it made the students more active, healthier and more alert.

    Did you have to purchase it yourself or is your workplace purchasing them?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Stephanie. My employer funded the desk purchase. It is pleasing to see employers investing in the health of their staff.

    The desk was set up yesterday so hope to do a blog post about it next week.

    I will look into the wrist support, too.

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