What’s the Obsession?


I am intrigued.  I read various posts from Facebook groups, blogs and various forums on the internet and am constantly amazed by some of the questions posed and resultant discussions.

2012-05-19 04

There are many questions about saving money and bargains to be had.  But is it really a bargain if you did not intend to buy it and more so if you have no idea of what you are going to do with it?  An example is, “Help, I bought a box of bananas for $5, what can I do with them?”  Invariably, there are lots of useful responses and I sincerely hope that the person manages to use them wisely and does not end up wasting their money.

It is even more odd when I read, “What else can I use shampoo for?  I have 4 bottles in the cupboard.”  I am tempted to reply with, “Use it to wash your hair”.  It seems that people stock up on an item and then want to use it up as quickly as possible.  I want to make things last as long as possible.

2011-0601 03

I think too many people are seduced by the crowd – shop for a bargain, stockpile, use it up, downsize, declutter.  Whatever the catchcry of the day, they seem to feel the need to jump on the bandwagon.  It is no wonder they feel confused.


My advice is to think independently, decide what works for you, make your own choices, forge your own path and don’t be sucked in by the crowd.

2015-07-27 01

The only things I buy are what I know I will use.  I buy larger quantities of items where I have to travel some distance or out of my way simply to avoid having to do that every week.  I have enough food to feed us for weeks, or in some cases, months.  Fruit and vegetables are bought locally each week so I try to buy only what I need in an effort to eliminate any waste.  If there is cheap produce, I will buy it if I have the time and skills to prepare and store it.

2016-01-10 01

What is your experience?  Do you stockpile or keep the bare minimum?  Have you changed your shopping habits/philosophy over time?

6 thoughts on “What’s the Obsession?

  1. Working on the decluttering is a constant but slowly and surely I will get there. We buy meat in bulk and it’s a 40 minute drive but it’s also on the way home from Mum’s or the coast so we would usually combine the trip whenever possible and we buy a large quantity for about 2-3 months. I keep a store cupboard for grocery specials and when I make my list I shop from that aisle first usually able to cross some things out.

  2. Gosh, I agree with your box of bananas scenario.

    I get very tired of the phrase “use it up” especially in the context of small amounts fresh food in the fridge. You just need to cook it and eat it tonight.

    The current fad for decluttering is amusing. People seem to feel they need to hop on board and do some themselves which is fine but months later you often read of the same folk going through the process again because they’d accumulated more stuff.
    Perhaps they catch the buy up because it’s so cheap at the op shop or garage sale virus too?

    Bingeing and purging of things seems an acceptable way of life. Lament your mess, get sympathy. Purge = adulation. OMG my life is so cluttered again – sympathy … and so the cycle goes on.

    There’s little ongoing little acknowledgement and certainly no outpouring of emotion for those who live moderately according to their plan. In fact, the planners can be shunned. There’s always some ‘ external reason’ the bingers can’t be moderate – sympathy again.

    Planning and changing habits take time and considered action which is not very ‘sexy’ nor does it evoke much attention, far less any sympathy.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful response, Simona. I had never actually considered the ‘cycle’ in those terms but you are absolutely correct.

      I am forever imploring people to declutter with consciousness and care but most of all, to stop stuff coming into their lives. Otherwise it is like a crash diet and the rebound effect.

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