War on Waste


As I mentioned in a previous post, it seems that the recent ABC series has brought the issues of waste, landfill, over-consumption and single-use items into focus for many people who had previously not really given a great deal of thought to these matters.

It is even more exciting to see some of the actions that are occurring as a direct result of this increased awareness.  One example is Frankies at Forde in the Canberra suburb of Gungahlin.  The photo below is from their Facebook page.  It would be great to encourage other cafes and coffee shops to do the same.

2017-06-06 01

Have you observed any other changes as a result of this program?

3 thoughts on “War on Waste

  1. They were talking about the coffee cups today on the ABC> Apparently there are many coffee shops in Adelaide that will let you bring your own cup. The only proviso is that you remove the lid (if it has one) yourself. Not hard to do!!

    • That is great to hear. As you know, coffee cups of any sort are not an issue for me personally nut I am hoping to convince GMan to take a reuseable cup when he gets his coffee on his way to the office.

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