A Special Gift


My birthday was a couple of months ago but I recently received a slightly delayed gift.

Our younger daughter was working on this project when her life was thrown into disarray with the sudden death of her partner.  In between everything else that was going on she continued to steadily embroider this piece.  Apart from her desire to complete the gift for me, I am sure it was beneficial for her to have this project to work on.

2017-06-24 01

It is now hanging up in my sewing room where I can see it as I sit at the sewing machine.

I had no idea that my daughter could embroider, let alone produce a piece of work like this.  What a clever girl she is and I am a lucky mum that she chose to make this for me

The thing I like about this story is the value of skills from days gone by.  I am sure you could reproduce this using a fancy computerised embroidery machine but like so many artisan skills there are so many more benefits to this endeavour than simply the production of the finished piece of work.

What skills have you taught yourself with the assistance of Google and YouTube?

4 thoughts on “A Special Gift

  1. What a beautiful gift from your daughter. Counted cross stitch, crochet and embroidery all help in my daily life to reduce stress

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Your house on the hill, the mountain track winding up to it, the two of you in your large garden surrounding it, with the word “Mum” in the grass at your feet – this picture tells a story as well as showing that your daughter has hidden talents.

  3. How lovely.

    I taught myself to regrout by reading a blog and then having the need. In reality, I opted for super easy due to the small area, and used an all in one adhesive and grout, but so mighty proud!

  4. I re-taught myself how to crochet. I have loved google for this. I can now crochet more than one stitch, start and finish my projects neatly and have learned there’s more to crochet than doing edges of washers and hand towels. I am loving the art of crochet.

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