No Longer Needed


I am sure I have mentioned it before but I am not a fan of the ‘massive purge’ style of decluttering.  I liken it to any radical lifestyle change.  If it is too violent a disruption to the status quo it is almost certain to be unsustainable in the long-term.

A much better option is to work slowly and intentionally on reducing your possessions.  This should always be a two-pronged approach – minimise things coming into your home and move along those things which are no longer required or loved.

This weekend I have found new homes for several items by listing them in a couple of local groups on Facebook.

The dolls’ house was sourced from Gumtree several years ago and has provided many hours of entertainment for our granddaughters.  They are now a little old for this and so with the consent of the younger one, I listed it to giveaway and it was picked up yesterday by a very excited little girl and her parents.

2020-01-27 01

Today I listed 3 more items.  The first was this bag which I used for work as I carried a laptop as well as my lunch and general handbag item to and fro.  It removed the weight from my neck and shoulders.  I no longer have a need for the bag and it has sat in the corner of my bedroom for 6 months so it was time to go.  The bag is showing some signs of wear and tear, however, it was quickly snapped up and will be collected tomorrow.

2020-01-27 02

Finally, there were 2 pairs of footwear.  The well-worn RM Williams boots will last for many more years with a bit of refurbishment are taken and will be collected tomorrow.  The red shoes have not had a lot of wear but are probably marginally too small so it is time to fin a new owner.  I am sure someone will find them suitable.

I find it worthwhile to take the time to find recipients for specific items if possible as this reduces the chance of them being deemed to be unsuitable for sale and ending up in landfill.

4 thoughts on “No Longer Needed

  1. I used to use moving home as my opportunity to declutter, and finding specific new homes for things was part of the joy. Now that I am VERY settled (no home-moves for nearly 2 decades!), many things that might have moved on have tended to pile up. Perhaps it’s time to prioritise decluttering again.

    • Yes, there is nothing like moving house to assist in decluttering but you can’t keep doing that forever. Glad to hear you are settled. 🙂 We have been in this house for 14 years and that is by far the longest we have ever lived anywhere.

  2. Did you list all the items for free? I have stuff I don’t want anymore, don’t want to put in the bin but think the op shop will bin if I donate. Was thinking of listing on FB market place or gumtree.

    • They were all free apart from the boots which I put $10 on. I am like you – concerned that donated stuff will still end up in landfill but if I take the time you can usually find a home for it. Facebook groups and Marketplace seem to work quite well. I sometimes use Gumtree as well – especially for larger items.

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