Castle on the Move


I can now reveal part of the reason for some of my extended absences from the blog. We are on the move. Our home of the past 17 years is listed for sale and we are ready to relocate.

Years of gradually decluttering and living simply are now paying off as it has been a relatively easy matter to have the house ready for prospective buyers to inspect.

Long-term readers of the blog will be familiar with glimpses of various sections of the interior of our home. The images below are some of the professional ones used in the listing of the property.

We are hoping the property sells reasonably quickly. Our plans include an interstate relocation so stay tuned for more exciting news.

Meanwhile, the regular posts will continue as we juggle the balance between keeping the house in ‘show home’ condition and continue our day-to-day lives.

2 thoughts on “Castle on the Move

  1. Best wishes for a speedy sale.
    I’ve just been through this process and now one week in my new abode. I only moved 7k though I moved 130+ potted plants!!!

  2. What wonderful news Yvonne. Your home and grounds are immaculate and lovely and sure to be snapped up quickly.
    All the very best for the move and the next stage of your life.
    All the very best wishes
    Lorraine 🙋‍♀️

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