A New View


I have finally resurfaced after a crazy few days which culminated on Friday in the removalists loading all of our possessions in the container ready to be transported by rail freight to Victoria. They will be held in storage until the purchase of our new home is finalised in the second week of May.

In the meantime we are spending the next 4 weeks housesitting.

We are only 2 blocks from the main street yet this is the view from the back deck.

There is also a view of the western horizon which is quite a novelty for us as we have spent the past 17 years in a house tucked against the base of an escarpment on our south-western boundary so there have been no sunset views.

If the weather behaves nicely I may have some sunsets to share in the next couple of weeks.

Six Months of Searching


It is actually happening. After six months of searching, we have found a property that ticks all of the boxes for us and we now have a signed contract.

We will be significantly downsizing the land that we have to manage from almost 6000 sq metres (1.5 acres) to just under 1000 sq meters (1/4 acre) in the town. Most importantly, it is essentially a flat block.

The house which is only 2.5 years old is almost identical in area to our current place but quite a different floor plan. It is on a slab with step-free access.

Here are some photos. They are from a couple of years ago and there has been one major change. The double garage is now a large lounge room with big glass doors across the north-facing front.

The floor plan.

Part of the backyard.

While there are some minor tweaks that we are planning, the property is essentially ready to walk in and unpack.

Very exciting!

Packing Priorities

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We now have a contract for the sale of our home. While the contract is still conditional for a couple more weeks, it is time to really start moving forward with preparations for our move.

I have been sourcing previously used packing boxes and today I packed up 9 boxes of books from the bookshelves in our office/library area.

With a little over 7 weeks until moving day most of my focus is going to be on preparing for the big day and blog posts will mostly reflect that over the coming weeks. I will cover various aspects of how we handle the preparation.

It is 17 years since our last move. We have spent much longer in our current home than anywhere we had lived previously. However, we have decluttered and simplified during that time and it will be interesting to see how that impacts the moving process.

When we came here both of our daughters had left the family home but only relatively recently so we still had quite a lot of possessions that related to them but that is no longer the case.

More information on our future plans will unfold over the next few weeks.

Packing Up


It is a little over 2 months since I first mentioned that we had listed our home for sale. After almost 3 months on the market (including the Christmas and New Year period), we are close to finalising the sale.

Although we will have professional removalists who will pack all of the breakable items, there is no good reason why I cannot pack up things like linen, clothes, sewing fabrics and books. However, packing up an entire house in a few days is not my idea of fun, even if our possessions are relatively minimal.

So, I have begun to pack some non-essential and rarely used items. I have sourced various boxes as well as some plastic crates.

At the moment the packed boxes are stacked in the wardrobe in the spare bedroom.

I also used suitcases to pack some of our out-of-season clothes. This made sense since the suitcases need to be relocated so they might as well be filled with clothes.

I intend to do something towards packing each day or two so that I can spread it over a few weeks and it is not too onerous.

In the next couple of days I will be emptying all of the good crockery, glasses and serving platters out of the sideboard. This has been sold and will be picked up at the end of the week.

Castle on the Move


I can now reveal part of the reason for some of my extended absences from the blog. We are on the move. Our home of the past 17 years is listed for sale and we are ready to relocate.

Years of gradually decluttering and living simply are now paying off as it has been a relatively easy matter to have the house ready for prospective buyers to inspect.

Long-term readers of the blog will be familiar with glimpses of various sections of the interior of our home. The images below are some of the professional ones used in the listing of the property.

We are hoping the property sells reasonably quickly. Our plans include an interstate relocation so stay tuned for more exciting news.

Meanwhile, the regular posts will continue as we juggle the balance between keeping the house in ‘show home’ condition and continue our day-to-day lives.