Taking Time Out For Fun

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I did not post yesterday because I was spending the time with my precious family.  Miss O and Izz were here so we pulled out the Christmas tree and decorated it.  Here they are with the creation.

2011-12-11 01We went to look at the Christmas light displays last night and the wonder and delight on their faces was priceless.

I also took Miss O to the Carols at Twilight in Maleny.  Due to a terrific thunderstorm about an hour beforehand the occasion was relocated in the hall rather than the park.  Miss O could not believe her eyes and ears at the music and colour.  She sat entranced during the entire event.

This morning I helped the girls make a gift for Belle.  It is a string tin.

2011-12-11 02A coffee tin covered with pieces cut from a local magazine.  The paper is glued on, a hole punched in the lid and a ball of string inside.  I will finish the outside with some clear varnish to seal it and we have a practical gift that small hands can make (with a bit of help) at no cost apart from the ball of string.

2011-12-11 03I did the cutting but Miss O used the glue stick and placed the pictures.  Izz also did a couple with the glue stick.

We had a lot of fun working on this project together.

Do you have any suggestions for Christmas gift ideas for children to make?