Still Here


I thought I better make an effort to write something to let you know that I am still here and OK.

Why haven’t I written anything for a while?  Work is busy, but no more so than usual.  I am doing all of the normal things at home – washing, ironing, preparing meals and so on.  There have been a few social activities that have taken up a bit of time.

The real reason is simply that I have not felt like writing.  Several times, I have sat here with every intention of writing but I just feel an overwhelming sense of inertia.  Everything seems quite pointless.  It is difficult to express but I expect it is grief in one of its many guises.  I know it is nothing to what my daughter is experiencing but a challenge nevertheless.

2017-06-15 01

Please bear with me and hopefully my regular posts will return soon.


Lives Lost

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I cannot let the day pass without a comment regarding the terrorist attacks in Paris.

My Facebook feed has been overwhelmed with posts ranging from unimaginable grief to one pointing out that Tony Abbott warned Europe last week that this would happen.  I will not dignify that nonsense with any further mention of it.

Tonight I want to share some powerful images that sum up how I feel.

2015-11-15 01And another

2015-11-15 02Finally, here is an article which sums up my concerns very clearly.  The headline says it all.

Paris Attacks Highlight Western Vulnerability, And Our Selective Grief And Outrage

2015-11-15 03 2015-11-15 04

Neither Organised nor Sustainable


This is an extra post which has nothing to do with the general topics I write about.  I want to tell you about a link that I have added to a very new blog.

Trine describes herself as ordinary but nothing could be further from the truth.  In a world where so many people think only of themselves, she is setting out to give something back.  Something to help people at a time when their whole world is falling apart.  Please have a look and consider whether you can help make a difference.

There Is Something Wrong With Your Child…………

Perhaps you have a story to tell or you could help to spread the word to those who may have their own stories that they are willing to share.  You could add a link on your own blog or discuss this project with family and friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.