Marie vs Me – Round 2


Back in March I wrote this post about the Japanese tidying guru, Marie Kondo.  Her ideas seem to have taken the world by storm but I was not overly impressed with what I found.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally caved in a bought the Kindle edition of her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.  I have read well over 50% of it and remained firmly unconvinced that she had anything new to offer and some of her ideas seemed downright wacky.  However, a few days ago I came to a section where she described standing her laptop computer on its end as though it was a book in a bookcase – now that really was a lightbulb moment.

I had been too busy for the past couple of days to try this idea but this afternoon I spent a few minutes repositioning the 2 laptop computers that we own and this was the result.

Check out the middle shelf.

2015-08-30 01The simple act of standing the laptops up has made a huge difference to the ability to make and (hopefully) keep that shelf tidy.  Now I need to find time to re-look at the top and bottom shelves.  The bottom shelf is actually the top of the 2 drawer filing cabinet.

While I do not plan on using her methods to fold my clothes, I am always open to suggestions and am really happy to have found this idea.

Have you read the book or applied any of the principles to your own circumstances?