Anyone for Coffees?


As some of you know I do not drink coffee so you are probably wondering about the sense of the title.

Since I have been away on holidays for the last 2 weeks with somewhat limited internet access I have had plenty of time to think and plan my future goals and action plans.  COFFEES is the acronym for at least some of my actions and goals.








Most of my posts in future will have some link to at least one of these ideas.  Since there are seven words I could do one each day of the week but I think that could be a bit restrictive.  I would love to hear what you think.

Tonight we are at Glen Innes on the last night of what has been a fabulous holiday.  I will post some stories and photos of the trip once I get the photos organised.

Meanwhile, I have realised that it is exactly 23 weeks from when we arrive home tomorrow until we leave on our next holiday to New Zealand.  I have some goals which fit in nicely within this time frame.  One idea that I have taken from Peta at Great Googa Moogas is challenges such as “30 Things in 30 Days”.  I have opted for 92 things in 23 weeks.  For those of you who are arithmetically challenged, that is 4 things per week.

I will normally post my 4 things for the week in a post on Sunday each week but I have decided to get a headstart this week and post them tonight.

1.  Clean car inside and out

2.  Finish making sandwich wraps for Miss O and Izz

3.  Create a spreadsheet for future holiday packing needs

4.  Make trackpants for Miss O and Izz

That is enough for tonight.  It will be good to be back blogging regularly again.  I hope to make it every day if possible.  I look forward to your involvement and comments.

2 thoughts on “Anyone for Coffees?

  1. Love the Acronym. It suits me to a TEA as well. Sounds like a great holiday. Can’t wait to see the photos.

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