Weekly Challenge – Week 3

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Another week – another 4 tasks added to the list.  While having the list has not necessarily ensured that I do everything each week it has certainly made me accountable and is a reminder of what I need to catch up on rather than just letting things slide.  It is now 21 weeks to go till our holiday.

1. Clean car inside and out -DONE
2. Finish making sandwich wraps for Miss O and Izz – DONE
3. Create a spreadsheet for future holiday packing needs
4. Make trackpants for Miss O and Izz – STARTED
5. Send emails to book accommodation for New Zealand trip – DONE
6. Buy and plant seedlings for winter vegetables – DONE
7. Email friend to arrange to meet for lunch
8. Finish knitting dishcloth and sew ends in on first two

9. Make dressing gown for Miss O

10. Upload music to my iPod

11. Declutter and clean bathroom cupboard

12. Plan birthday celebration for Missy

There are a few outstanding things on the list but I hope that with a day off tomorrow I can catch up with the ever-growing list.


One thought on “Weekly Challenge – Week 3

  1. I love how your to-do list isn’t a million miles long! Just 4 important tasks, which although important, don’t mean the end of the world if they don’t get done this week… I’m going to ponder this system seriously!

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