The Mending Pile


In between other domestic chores I managed to do a few things from my pile of mending.  Nothing was too difficult but it is just a matter of making time to do it.

I let the hem down on Izz’s dressing gown and also added ribbing cuffs to the sleeves to gain a little extra length.  This will now last her until the end the winter.  I made the gown for Miss O and they have both worn it.

I also added ribbing band to the sleeves and body of Izz’s pyjama top.  The t-shirt fabric which I had bought from Spotlight had stretched  a ridiculous amount so the bands will make it wearable again.

Then for something completely different I darned a hole in a woollen pullover that belongs to The Duke.  It is only worn around the house since it was eaten by moths a couple of years ago.  Now, I use it for darning practice and The Duke continues to wear it.

I redid some stitching that had come undone on 2 purchased tops of mine and then finished shortening the sleeves on a jacket I bought at the beginning of the year

I think there are still a few more things to be mended lurking under the piles on my sewing table but I am gradually making progress.

While on the sewing theme I wanted to show you the pinafores I made for Miss O and Izz.  Here they are being worn.  I am very pleased with how they turned out.

2011-07-17 01And another view

2011-07-17 02

9 thoughts on “The Mending Pile

    • Hi Sue
      Thanks for dropping by. I agree – the pinafores are such a practical garment. The pattern for the teal one can also be used for a sundress pattern. I have made one for Miss O for the summer.

  1. Hi there, have just come for a visit from SS. Looks like a great little blog you have here, I look forward to checking out your other posts. Have added you to my ever growing blog list.

    Thanks for the pastry recipe for sausage rolls, must try that next time. Could it be used to make little pasties too, I would presume so?

    Your girls look gorgeous in there pinafores, you have done a great job with them.

    • Hi Vicki
      Their mother would be pleased to hear that. The pattern for the teal pinafore is one I have had for about 26 years and have made several times before.

  2. The girls are so adorable… Love the pinafores. Oh I wish I could sew.
    Thanks (I think lol) for the reminder that I have a little stash of mending to do 🙂

    • Hi Linda
      The mending is the necessary stuff but it is creating garments that I love. I am sure you can do lots of things that I cannot.

  3. Agree that your girls and their pinafores are gorgeous. Have an unravelled cuff on a jumper of my dad’s to fix so I can pass it on to DS as a keepsake..any ideas???

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