Make Your Own Pasta


I have finally set some time aside to try out my pasta maker.  It is an attachment for my Kitchen Aid.  Here are some photos from my effort on Sunday afternoon.

2012-01-31 01The mixer with flat blade

2012-01-31 02Ingredients – flour, salt, eggs, water

2012-01-31 03Pasta roller

2012-01-31 04

Spaghetti cutter

2012-01-31 05Lasagne sheets – cut, floured and packaged for freezing.

2012-01-31 06Spaghetti – dried, coiled into a nest and ready to refrigerate or freeze.

I also made fettucine which we had for dinner that night.  I don’t think I will ever buy dried pasta again.I am very pleased with the results of my first attempt and am looking forward to experimenting with different flours and flavourings.

This is another food that I have complete control over the ingredients.  I have also eliminated more packaging from our lives.

11 thoughts on “Make Your Own Pasta

  1. That pasta looks delicious. I don’t have any suitable equipment for making my own pasta, but I will live vicariously through you, and savour your post! And isn’t it amazing how such lovely, simple, and pure ingredients can make such a fabulous staple as pasta.

    • Savour to your heart’s content!

      I find it amazing that a couple of basic ingredients can be turned into beautiful pasta with several runs through the rollers.

    • Joie – The recipe was in the instruction manual that came with the attachments. I used organic plain (all-purpose) white flour because that was all that I had in the cupboard. It worked well and I will be experimenting further.

  2. I have a small hand pasta machine and I mix my dough (if it is called dough) in the bread maker. I so would love an electric pasta maker as I tried to do spaghetti but it was way too hard with having to turn the handle, feed the pasta sheet and catch at the other end. I needed to be an octopus!

    • Lynda – I agree with the octopus analogy. I had a small, hand-operated pasta maker which was such hard work that I could never see myself making enough pasta for our everyday use. When I saw the pasta attachment options for the Kitchen Aid that was what finally convinced me to get the stand mixer. The mixer is very useful but it is the pasta attachments that I really love.

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