Bathroom Progress


Two and a half weeks later the end is in sight.  The plumbing, door knobs, mirror and showerscreen are yet to be done.  There are 2 double towel rails plus a towel ring

2012-03-06 01Here is the wall showing the finished recess.

2012-03-06 02The floor of the shower showing the grate with tiled insert.  Also, you can see the spare toilet roll holder and the holder for the toilet brush.  I love them being on the wall which means they don’t need to be moved to mop the floor.

2012-03-06 03I will post some final photos when it is all finished – probably next week as we have to wait for the shower screen and mirror to be made to order.

We are very happy with the way the renovation has turned out.

2 thoughts on “Bathroom Progress

  1. It all seems to have been so effortless. Must have been all the work done at the planning stage!
    Looking great 🙂

  2. Thanks, Barb. It has been pretty straightforward. We have a good builder who has done work for us previously. We chose and bought all of the fittings after discussion with the builder. Simplicity is my mantra so there was not a lot of ‘stuff’ to worry about. I have had over 6 years to plan what we were going to do with the bathroom but in reality we seriously did the planning for about 6 weeks prior to the work starting.

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