DIY Dishcloths


In response to an earlier post about the dishcloths I had finished knitting, Cathy asked if I could share the pattern.

This pattern is from the ‘Down to Earth’ book by Rhonda Hetzel who writes a blog of the same name.  If you have not seen it yet please pop in here.

This is the pattern which I have put into my own words.

Using 8 ply (or doubled 4 ply) cotton, cast on 38 stitches.

Rows 1 – 3      Knit
Row 4             Knit
Row 5             K3, purl to last 3 stitches, K3
Row 6             K3, [P2, K1], repeat to last 2 stitches, K2
Row 7             K3, [K2, P1], repeat to last 5 stitches, K5

Repeat rows 4 – 7, 14 times (total of 63 rows)

Rows 64 – 67    Knit

Cast off, fasten thread and weave in the ends.

3 thoughts on “DIY Dishcloths

  1. Hi, I love your blog and enjoy reading it every day 🙂
    I am a novice knitter and decided to knit a dishcloth using this pattern. It had me bamboozled because it wouldn’t work for me. I have traced back to the original pattern and there are two stitches missing near the end of Row 6 & 7. I didn’t work this out until mine was nearly finished so mine has an ‘individual’ pattern which still works and I am still proud of my effort. I just thought you would like to know.

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