DIY Dishcloths


In response to an earlier post about the dishcloths I had finished knitting, Cathy asked if I could share the pattern.

This pattern is from the ‘Down to Earth’ book by Rhonda Hetzel who writes a blog of the same name.  If you have not seen it yet please pop in here.

This is the pattern which I have put into my own words.

Using 8 ply (or doubled 4 ply) cotton, cast on 38 stitches.

Rows 1 – 3      Knit
Row 4             Knit
Row 5             K3, purl to last 3 stitches, K3
Row 6             K3, [P2, K1], repeat to last 2 stitches, K2
Row 7             K3, [K2, P1], repeat to last 5 stitches, K5

Repeat rows 4 – 7, 14 times (total of 63 rows)

Rows 64 – 67    Knit

Cast off, fasten thread and weave in the ends.

Dishcloths & Doing My Best


Today I am writing this from Burra in the mid-North of South Australia.  Our holiday is going really well so far.  We have just had 3 nights with our dear friends in Strathalbyn and were able to time our trip to join in a 70th birthday celebration of Sunday followed by dinner on Monday evening for a 21st birthday as well.

We left Strathalbyn this morning  and visited The Duke’s mother, who is in residential care due to Alzheimer’s Disease.  Despite the effects of this cruel affliction she was pleased to see us and it was good to be able to spend some time with her.

Then it was off to Burra , but first we stopped at the suburban shopping centre and stocked up on a few groceries.  As we were walking through the shopping mall towards Foodland I noticed the post office and popped in to see if they had a 4 pack of Sally Wise’s cookbooks which I had heard mentioned on the forum of Simple Savings.  I was in luck as I picked up the last 2 packs – 1 for me and 1 for my sister.  They were an absolute bargain at $15 for a pack of 4 cookbooks.

Our accommodation is very well appointed and even has a slow-cooker so I will be making the most of it and making a casserole tomorrow while we are out and about.  My attempts to maintain my sustainable habits are going well so far.  It is easy to take my calico bags to the shops as plastic shopping bags are not an option in SA.  Why can’t the rest of the country follow suit?

I finished the first dishcloth the other day and have started a second one.  I just do a bit occasionally but it is good to have some handiwork to do when I feel inclined.

More holiday news in a day or so.

Small Steps in the Sewing Room

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I made a start on my sewing room today.  I did about half a basketful of ironing – still heaps to do.  I also attacked the mending pile – buttons replaced on 2 dresses and a t-shirt for Izz as well as unpicked the trouser hem on a pair of Miss O’s corduroy trousers.  I will be putting an extra piece of fabric on the bottom to lengthen them so hopefully she will get plenty of wear from them this winter.  After that I decided to reward myself by sitting and doing some knitting – a dishcloth, so it is not difficult but nevertheless, a sense of accomplishment when it is done.

We have had guests staying with us so not too much detail in this post but there will be more photos soon.