Bag It Again


Last week The Duke was given a bottle of wine.  As usual, it was presented in a gift bag.

2012-06-12 01Unfortunately, the giver had chosen to write a message directly on the bag, rendering it unusable.  Or was it?

I was about to dismantle the bag and put most of it in the recycling when I thought again and decided to make a smaller bag by cutting off the top that contained the writing.

Firstly, I removed the ribbon ties then marked where I need to cut.

2012-06-12 02I then cut off the top and refolded about 2cm to the inside and creased the fold to a sharp edge.

2012-06-12 03Finally, I punched some new holes and re-threaded the ribbon.

2012-06-12 04Here is the bag ready for several more uses.

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