Hanging the Handle

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I had a Vileda broom with a detachable handle.  The idea was that you could buy replacement heads for it, however, by the time I decided that I needed a new head for the broom, they were no longer available.  I bought a new broom but the fact remained that I had a worn out broom head and a perfectly good handle.

I had read some time ago that the best way to hang home-made pasta to dry was over a broom handle resting between two chairs.  So I decided that my obsolete broom handle would now be my pasta drying rack.  The next question was where would I store it when it is not being used?

Since the handle will be used in the kitchen it seemed sensible to store it in the same room.  I fixed a hook to the wall of the pantry and hung the handle on it.  Now it is easily accessible when I am making pasta.

Close-up of handle

Here you can see it hanging just inside the pantry door.

Handle in pantry

It is only a small project but makes all the difference when things have a specific location and are easy to find when required.

One thought on “Hanging the Handle

  1. My DD has an old broom handle in her pantry that she uses when she makes spaghetti. I must tell her to hang it up like you have. When I lived in the UK many years ago, we used to call it a broom stale. I often use the broom handle as a measure. If I want to put a picture hook in the wall at the same height as another one, I just use the stale and keep my thumb on the desired point and then use it when making a mark on the wall. If that makes sense!! I also use when moving furniture around to see how wide the item is and whether it will fit where it has to go!

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