A New Corner

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This afternoon The Duke and I did a bit more sorting out in the workshop.  This area is almost the size of a double garage.  It has a workbench and storage cupboards built-in as well as various other storage that we have acquired.

Keeping it neat and tidy is difficult as there always seems to be a project in progress.  However, we do need to keep some state of order as it is located between the double garage and the downstairs entry to the house.

We had some shelving that had come from my parents’ home and we decided to rearrange things and put the shelving up.

2012-08-04 01Here it is in the corner next to the door into the downstairs entrance foyer.  There is also plenty of space to store our garden shoes/workboots/gumboots.

I am not even sure what I will put on the shelves yet but I am really pleased that they are installed.

It is another small step towards getting and keeping things organised.

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