Maintaining The Castle

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There are always regular maintenance jobs to do around the house and some get done more regularly than others.

One of the things we had neglected was the solar panels on the roof.

2012-08-05 01Today was a glorious late winter day here so The Duke decided to get stuck into some outside jobs.

The solar panels were installed about 20 months ago and they had not been cleaned.  The information on the website indicated that they should be cleaned with water and a soft cloth.  The Duke bought a squeegee mop since we have 2 rows of 10 panels it can be a bit difficult to reach some of them.

2012-08-05 02If the colour of the water in the bucket is any indication they should operate more efficiently now.  The plan is to make this job a 6 monthly routine.

Next was the solar HWS.  It is awful to admit but this had not been cleaned since it was installed, nearly 6 years ago.  The bottom edge was caked with accumulated mud but now it is sparkling again.

2012-08-05 03Since these things are on the roof it can be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ but we will definitely add these to the routine maintenance schedule.

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