Welcome Back Summer!

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I have been away for a few days in Melbourne for a combination of work and pleasure and arrived back late this afternoon to the second consecutive day of wild summer thunderstorms.  Luckily, we have not had the worst of it – just some much needed rain.  The humidity is off the scale and everything is damp.

I have done one load of washing and the second load is in the machine.  There is no point in hanging it on the line in this weather – even though it is under the verandah.  The clothes will just hang limply in the damp air, so it is time to resurrect the indoor clothes airer and dehumidifier.

2012-11-18 01Here is the airer set up in my spare/sewing room.  It is a rotary one and the outside lines are high enough that I can hand jeans/trousers or even sheets on them.

2012-11-18 02The load of washing is hung and there is plenty of space for a second load.

2012-11-18 03I will have the dehumidifier running overnight in the closed room and the washing will be dry in the morning.

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