Community Service

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This morning when I took the rubbish bins up to the roadside this is the scene that greeted me.

2012-12-05 01We live on a quiet, semi-rural road and our driveway is opposite a minor road junction.  The rubbish truck does not go down the side road so each rubbish collection day the bins from the side road and a few surrounding properties are lined up on the verge near our driveway.

This morning one bin was open and several items were scattered around.  I am not sure how this happened but I know that with the automated collection of the ‘wheelie’ bins the remnants would be left behind.  I grabbed a bag, collected up the loose items and put them in the bin.  This ensured that we were not left with a mess on the verge.

2012-12-05 02Here is the same scene a few minutes later.  It is a small but worthwhile job and keeps the area clean and tidy.  Much better than whinging about the rubbish lying on the footpath.

One thought on “Community Service

  1. Good on you. It is a thankless task but one that has to be done. Whether the mess was made by dogs or inconsiderate people, the result was environmentally irresponsible. You not only tried, you succeeded. I am pleased you publicised this minor but annoying community issue.

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