Made to Measure


There are all sorts of things that you can make to measure.  Clothes are just one of them.

2012-12-09 01Today I modified a game so that is more suitable for our granddaughters.  Miss O is keen to play a game of ‘Animal Memory’ which we have had since our children were small.  There are 36 pairs of matching cards which feature adult and baby animals which need to be matched up.  She manages quite well, however, tends to lose interest after a while so I have decided to modify it slightly.

2012-12-09 02I sorted the cards and selected 18 pairs for each  set and placed them in ziplock bags.  We now have 2 smaller versions of the game.  These can be combined later on if we choose.

2012-12-09 03This also means that we can play 2 games concurrently.

Have you got any tips for making games or activities more age appropriate?

2 thoughts on “Made to Measure

  1. I was an early childhood teacher and used this game quite a lot with four year olds. Here is a good version.
    Create a table on the computer. Inside each square paste a photo of a family member, a home, a pet, or a name. Then repeat the lot. Four of everything is even better for very young children. Print onto light cardboard, as thick as you computer will allow. You could print onto paper and paste onto cards. If you make different sets then label the backs of each set with a favourite stamp. Twelve cards in each set is a good start and older children can have more. As time passes use the computer to make new sets of cards using holiday memories.

  2. I too have a memory game that is used frequently with my 4 year old grand children. Ours has a plastic tray that holds 6 piles, depending on their mood they select how many piles they want to play with. Other games that we play include Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. Sometimes we play buy the “rules” other times the children enjoy making up new rules and we play by them to make it new. I enjoy letting them come up with the rules as I believe it helps them to think outside the box and is good for their development.

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