Made to Measure


There are all sorts of things that you can make to measure.  Clothes are just one of them.

2012-12-09 01Today I modified a game so that is more suitable for our granddaughters.  Miss O is keen to play a game of ‘Animal Memory’ which we have had since our children were small.  There are 36 pairs of matching cards which feature adult and baby animals which need to be matched up.  She manages quite well, however, tends to lose interest after a while so I have decided to modify it slightly.

2012-12-09 02I sorted the cards and selected 18 pairs for each  set and placed them in ziplock bags.  We now have 2 smaller versions of the game.  These can be combined later on if we choose.

2012-12-09 03This also means that we can play 2 games concurrently.

Have you got any tips for making games or activities more age appropriate?