Getting Back on Track


I have had 2 weeks back at work since my holidays and I still feel as though I am chasing my tail at home.  Somehow everything has been done but the smooth process seems to have flown the coop.  In fact, last Friday morning I had to iron a shirt for The Duke as there were no business shirts in his cupboard.  That was not good.

This weekend has been pretty busy as Miss O and Izz came to stay and that certainly limits what I get done.  However, I have managed to finish the washing and ironing, written a menu plan and have the meals prepared for Monday and Tuesday.

006Do you plan your meals?  What is your process?

I have have also decided what I will wear to work tomorrow so I feel as though I am ready to start the week.  How about you?

6 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track

  1. I write our meal plan on a magnetic white-board which is on the fridge. It only includes the main meatingredient and the vegetables/salad tc remains listed only in my head. This week we are having lamb steaks, chicken casserole, stuff from freezer (i am working that evening), fish and then grilled chicken breast.

    • Sounds good. Everybody approaches planning in their own way. Some weeks my plans are very detailed – especially if I want a special ingredient for a particular meal but other times it is very broad.

  2. I don’t plan my meals and probably should, as by not planning I make some poor decisions (like garlic cheese pizza two nights in a row!) I think I allow too much ‘what I feel like’ to override planning – even though I’m usually a big planner. Everyone else’s menu plans help inspire me, so that’s a start.

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