Craft Challenge


It is Tuesday morning here and we have had a long weekend.  My mother came to visit and I have been spending time doing things other than blogging.  On Saturday we visited 6 open gardens as part of the local Garden Club’s weekend titled, “Gardening on the Edge” which is a specific reference to the escarpment location where we live.  These were large, mostly ornamental gardens with stunning displays of camellias which are in full flower at the moment.  One garden had a large, productive vegetable patch so that was of particular interest to me.

We arrived home at about 3pm just as it began to drizzle with rain. We have had consistent rain since then with it barely stopping, day or night for 64 hours.  The rain is not heavy – just gentle, soaking rain which is predicted to continue for another 3 days.  I hope my new vegetable seedlings don’t get waterlogged.

A 3 day weekend meant that I achieved most of the essential housework so I had time for some other activities.  Since it was raining I turned to my sewing room.  As always, there are some projects underway and many others planned and waiting to start, so my goal this week is to make some real progress and I will share it with you here.

2013-06-11 01This is a pair of pyjamas I have made for Izz.  I had finished the bottoms except for the waist casing and elastic so that was the first thing on my list.  This fabric was given to me and I had already made pyjama bottoms for myself and another pair for Izz.  This pair used the very last of the fabric and necessitated having an extra join in the back but it is not visible due to the casing.  I then found the tshirt fabric in my stash to make the top.  I was left over from when I was making school polo shirts for Belle (over 20 years ago).

2013-06-11 02The next project was another top made from scraps.  It can be a pyjama top or would be equally suitably to wear to daycare with her jeans.  The white ribbing for the neckband and cuffs is cut out and ready to sew.

2013-06-11 03This is some material that I cut out and prepared to make a sundress.  It will fit a little girl from about 12 – 18 months.  The style means that it is very flexible and can usually be worn for at least 2 years.  I am not making it for anyone in particular but may sell it or give as a gift.

Here is a piece of plain calico and a smaller piece with teddy bears.  I plan to make a patchwork cot quilt – once again, not for anyone special.

You may wonder at me making random items for which I have no specific purpose.  Although I do not have a room full of fabric stashed to the ceiling, I do have a reasonable quantity of good quality fabric and smaller offcuts.  I love designing and creating garments and useful things that use what I already have so my goal is to gradually work through the pile.

This week I hope to complete several projects and I will share more photos as the week goes on.

Please let me know what you are doing in the craft room, too.

4 thoughts on “Craft Challenge

  1. Your projects are lovely, can’t wait to see the teddy started to rain here during the night, is pouring at the moment, and not expected to end until Thursday. So yes I’ll be doing some crafts and sewing. I began a set of curtains one panel is finished which means that’s first on the list. I have a cross stitch picture that needs framing, and another cross stitch I need to finish to give my dil as a housewarming gift when they move in to their new home later this month.

    • I know it is important to make the most of outdoor opportunities in your climate. I hope you are feeling better but continuing to look after yourself.

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