World Environment Day

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Well, yesterday was World Environment Day.  So, what did you do?  Anything special to mark the occasion?  Make a commitment to change something to make your life a little more sustainable?  Even just stop and pause to reflect on your journey to lower your carbon footprint?

The theme for this year is Think. Eat. Save and the focus is around the enormous (20%) wastage of all food in 1st World countries.  I am planning to encourage people in my workplace to take up the challenge and try not to waste so much food.  There will be more details on that another day.

One thought on “World Environment Day

  1. Yesterday there was no food wastage here. I had a couple apples which the puppy happily finished the core, snacked on a handful of peanuts, the shells will be composted and for dinner had fried potato and eggs, the shells will be ground up and added to the gardens.

    As for what else I did yesterday…i dropped off 2 more items I restored from curb/dumpster finds and worked on another, I also got out in the garden to plant some more seeds. Just a typical day.

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