Chicken Castle


We have been working on a new chicken run for a couple of months now.  The end is now in sight and at last I can show you that we are really making some progress.

Chicken run

The chicken wire is unrolled and attached temporarily to the top wire in several places.  Obviously, it still needs to be tensioned and attached but we have a much better idea of how the finished product will look.

I hope that by this time next week our chickens will be firmly ensconced in their new home.

New coop

We have assembled the coop which we bought online.  It was easy to assemble and I think it will be perfect for the girls.

11 thoughts on “Chicken Castle

    • We clearly both have good taste! Our girls will hopefully be moving in this weekend. We just need to finish the wire on the run and add the gate (which is being recycled from the existing run).

  1. Hi we have the same chicken coup and be very carefully after having for 7 mth the thing started to fall apart my husband has had to rebuilt bits with stronger wood its not the chickens it the weather 🙂 good luck

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