Cable Chaos – A Solution


Some of you will remember my earlier post about the mess of some the cables here and the follow-up post.

I finally got around to testing out my design using some plywood and a jigsaw.

Plywood dividers
I also used a wooden presentation box from a premium bottle of wine that has been drunk and enjoyed some time ago.  Once the plywood pieces were slotted together and inserted in the box it looked like this.

Box with inserts
It is not fastened in any way but is totally self-supporting.

Cables in box
Here is the result with the cables separated into their own spaces.  There are a couple of double-ups but they are the same or similar cables.  It definitely makes locating the correct cable much easier.

I am thinking of making labels to go on the edges to identify exactly where each cable belongs.

The other good thing about this system is that it imposes limits.  I will need to regularly review what cables we have and whether they are still required as I would not be keen on having a larger storage box.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Cable Chaos – A Solution

  1. I think labels could work, but perhaps you could use a velcro loop to keep the cable looped up neatly and then label on that – so if it goes somewhere other than the box, everyone still knows what it is?

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