Re-fashioned and Ready


The last few weeks have a bit of a struggle blogging-wise as there seems to have been limited material that I have felt like writing about and most of it did not really lend itself to adding photographs.

In the spirit of simplicity I have been working on my sewing room – finishing some projects and working through my ‘to do’ list.  Yesterday I finished the last 2 tablecloths which I had set aside to alter from rectangular to oval to fit my current round dining table when it is extended.  You can read my initial post about this project here.

After the success with the damask cloths I decided to do the same to a plain pink cloth and a polyester lace one that I use as an overlay.  The pink one was fairly straightforward but the lace one was a little trickier.

2012-10-12 01I ended up cutting the hemmed edging and then re-stitching it onto the re-shaped cloth which worked well.

I am now looking forward to the opportunity to use these pretty and functional items.

2012-10-12 02The only thing that remains to be done is to finish sorting and re-organising the linen cupboard which was the activity which precipitated this project in the first place.  More on that one with before and after photos tomorrow.

Do you re-fashion or re-purpose linen in order to extract the maximum use from it?

3 thoughts on “Re-fashioned and Ready

  1. For twenty years I longed for a round dining table. My husband built our rectangular dining table, so big that I trimmed queen size sheets to use as tablecloths. It seated ten comfortably. Now I have the table of my dreams, and because our new home is considerably smaller, no large table. It was eventually given away. But those cloths? I have kept the better ones because one day my children will have families, or large tables, or outdoor parties, and then I will give them these small family treasures. Wrong size? Not in my heart. We could not keep the table but the cloths speak to me of birthdays, of company, of togetherness. Antiques do not just happen, they are preserved by somebody who loved them. Heritage? Not just songs and recipes. I enjoy old napery and have one item from four generations back. Would I grab it as the house burned down? No, I would grab the people. Yes, I declutter; I do not keep the linens of trivial value to me. Yes, I have trimmed some cloths to suit our new circumstances. Different things are important to different people at different times.

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