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In an online discussion group of which I am a member, the challenge this week was to make some changes in your routine to make your life a little greener.  It was noted that actions that are good for the environment can also be beneficial to your purse.

When I stopped and thought about this, I realised that most of how I choose to live is a result of making the best choice I can in the prevailing circumstances.  Some of these things are what I have always done and others are changes I have made but it is so long ago that I do not even consider them as particularly green.

Here are some of our household patterns.

Use locally-made, environmentally-friendly washing liquid, laundry soaker, dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder from Kin Kin Naturals.

Make my own wool wash and cream cleanser.

Finished product

Use bicarb and vinegar to clean most surfaces.

Hang clothes outdoors to dry or in front of the fire.  Use clothes dryer rarely.


Run our home on tank water, grid-connected solar power and solar hot water service.

Grow some of our own fruit and vegetables.  This week I have picked lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, pak choy, lemons, oranges, mandarins. grapefruit and avocadoes.

Compost all our scraps or feed them to the chickens.

Keep chickens for our own supply of eggs.

Catch public transport to work.

Complete multiple errands when making a trip in the car.

Re-use as many resources as possible.

Re-washed plastic bags

Avoid processed foods.

Make choices when shopping to avoid packaging – buy bulk/loose goods.

Use my own bags/containers when shopping.

Meat in containers

Heating from a slow-combustion heater fuelled by wood collected from our property.


Give away items no longer needed via Freecycle or op shop.

Buy only what we need.

Repair things that we already own.

Stitching new lining
This is not a complete list but is an indication of what we do every day to lighten our footprint on the planet.

What choices have you made that could be viewed as ‘green’?


10 thoughts on “Clean & Green

  1. Hi there, I’d love to see your recipe for wool wash if possible please…
    It’s great when one only uses minimal products isn’t it and indeed fresh air is the best for drying. Nothing beats freshly dried sheets on the bed 🙂
    Herbs from the garden to liven up a meal…ever tried putting rocket and basil on a pizza along with a sprinkle of chilli flakes ( from spice shop these) …it’s yum
    How many tanks would you have litre wise and I guess then a septic system as well.
    We have dreams of a holiday cum retirement home in a place where you depend on rainwater and septic…septic is new to me (although daughter had it for years before sewer connected in their street) but grew up with rainwater tanks.
    It’s nice to be able to dream though and toss ideas round!
    Alexa from Sydney, Australia
    Blogging from

    • Alexa

      We have about 94,000 litres of tank water and live in a high rainfall area. No access to town water, though. We have a greywater system for all of our waste water.

      I often put rocket on pizza but have not tried basil – sounds yum! The chilli flakes would be a nice addition, too.

      Check the new post for the wool wash recipe.

  2. Hi Fairy, what a great list, you should be very proud of the choices you are making. I implement a lot of the same things but struggle with taking my own containers when buying food. My local butcher and deli all use the plastic bag as a glove to pick up the food. If they did this to get my food into my container and threw it away then I haven’t achieved anything. What do they do at your local food stores? Julie

    • Julie, it can be a struggle but I have decided that I cannot be responsible for what everyone else does. My local IGA deli counter use tongs. The fish shop use a plastic bag and then discard it 😦 and the butcher uses a plastic bag but if I buy several different cuts of meat he uses the one bag repeatedly so it is still a win in the long run.

  3. Great list! Sounds like you already do a lot to make your life greener! I try to do many of these things and am working towards/planning for implementing others in my future. Love that you grow our own fruit and veg, it must taste amazing and so well-earned. I’ve also been trying to start repairing things – I learnt how to darn a sock the other week, which I’d never been taught before, which was so satisfying.

    • Learning new skills such as darning is very satisfying. Anything that you grow or create is well-earned and I believe that you do tend to appreciate and value it more because of the effort you put in.

  4. I’d also be interested to see your recipe for wool wash.

    I’m looking forward to getting healthy and more involved in the day to day activities of running our house. Our “green-ness” has slipped this winter while I’ve been ill. We have relied a bit too much on packaged foods with me out of the kitchen, but with the garden season about to start, I hope to improve on that soon.

  5. I would love the cream cleanser recipe too. 🙂

    You already love a very clean & green life. I am not on a par with you but try to make improvements all the time.

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