Patchwork – Part 2


It is a week since my last post and I have not even replied to your kind and thoughtful comments.  I think work got in the way last week.  I also went to a community meeting about solar power one evening and spent time with members of my family so blogging has taken a back seat.

Today I did some more of my patchwork.  I now have 22 of the 36 squares I need.  I have decided that I will just join the blocks directly rather than putting sashing between them as I am looking for a random allover pattern.  I spread the completed blocks out on the floor to get an idea of how it is going to look and I am very pleased with the result so far.

I also mended a pair of jeans for DD’s partner.  They were brand new but the stitching had come undone for about 3cm on one side seam.  I completely reinforced both side seams so hopefully they will be OK now.  There was a pair of The Duke’s socks with a hole in the toe so they are now fixed too.  Finally, I put my skills to the test and replaced the legs of this bear.

It was signed by DD’s friends when she finished school and we were moving interstate so it has some sentimental value for her.  However, I think my granddaughters had been ‘playing’ with him and the buttons that hold his legs in place had come adrift.  Luckily the thread was still through his torso so with a bit of ingenuity and a large curved needle I was able to reattach the legs.  I don’t think I will repair dolls and bears for a living!

It has been a long weekend here and I have enjoyed the break from work.

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