Sewing My Stash Sunday – 2


I don’t usually get much sewing done during the week and it took until this afternoon before I did any.  I was determined to achieve something as part of this challenge so here it is.

003I have made a start on a polo shirt for The Duke.  I bought the fabric about 14 years ago for this project and it never got made.  I have made the tab front, stitched the shoulder seams and done one sleeve and side/underarm seam.  I had not done a tab front for well over 10 years, but like riding a bike, you never forget.

004With striped fabric it is important to match the stripes.  You can see the matching on the tab front in the picture above and the side seam in the following picture.  It is impossible to match the stripes with a set-in sleeve due to the shaping.

005Next week I hope to show you the completed polo shirt and what I am doing next.  It feels good to know that I am using up materials that have been hanging around for years.

6 thoughts on “Sewing My Stash Sunday – 2

  1. I’ve made a little progress on my current stash-sewing project this week, too. But it is an experimental pattern, so involved a number of trial bits, seam-ripping and trying again. I’ll post a picture on facebook when this little project is finished–maybe in another week or two?

  2. Well done with your shirt, I’m impressed!

    I have also been sewing my stash: in the last couple of weeks I have made three pairs of pillowcases and an apron. The old ones were getting rather shabby so they are out and the news ones in. It’s a great feeling having something new and using up a bit of stash!

    I have also given away a lot of fabric (I was a quilter, say no more). Oh and I make gift bags instead of using wrapping paper for Christmas and birthdays: I enjoy making them, and then they are gone. (I don’t use special Christmas fabric, or only red and green, just what I have and they all look lovely.

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