Modifying My Diary


My personal diary which I showed you here is working well and does not require any modification.  However, I also have a work diary which is an A5 size and quite slim as it has a week to a double page.  However, it is missing one vital ingredient – a marker ribbon.

2015-01-10 01I did not realise this until I was using it last week so I decided to get creative.  I found a length of narrow red ribbon in my sewing collection and was going to cut the length I needed and tie it onto the top spiral.  Then I reconsidered and realised that by doubling the ribbon and looping it over the spiral I could avoid cutting the ribbon.

2015-01-10 02Now I can easily remove the ribbon at the end of the year and I will still have a usable length for another diary or different project.

2015-01-10 03The finished product is working well and it is much easier to find the page I want quickly.  I also can use the second length to mark a different spot if I happen to be working on 2 areas at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Modifying My Diary

  1. Brilliant solution Fairy. Very clever of you. I especially like the ‘double ribbon’ part of it. I often need two pages marked at once.

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