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Part of being organised is making and keeping track of appointments.  This week I have appointments for a dental check up, haircut and mammogram on 3 consecutive days.

2016-05-23 01

I am lucky because Breastscreen and my dentist both send reminders when an appointment is due.  I simply make the appointment and make a note in my electronic calendar at work.

My hair appointments are generally 7 weeks apart and I make the following appointment when I am at the salon.

The dentist and hairdresser both send an SMS reminder the day before the appointment.

My haircut on Thursday was one of 3 that I planned and booked back in February.  I did this as I was calculating the intervals so that I could make sure I had my hair cut just before we leave to go on holidays in July.  I will have it cut 2 days before we leave so that it will last for the whole holiday.

What regular appointments do you make and how do you manage them?  Diary?  Electronic notes?  Some other method?

Modifying My Diary


My personal diary which I showed you here is working well and does not require any modification.  However, I also have a work diary which is an A5 size and quite slim as it has a week to a double page.  However, it is missing one vital ingredient – a marker ribbon.

2015-01-10 01I did not realise this until I was using it last week so I decided to get creative.  I found a length of narrow red ribbon in my sewing collection and was going to cut the length I needed and tie it onto the top spiral.  Then I reconsidered and realised that by doubling the ribbon and looping it over the spiral I could avoid cutting the ribbon.

2015-01-10 02Now I can easily remove the ribbon at the end of the year and I will still have a usable length for another diary or different project.

2015-01-10 03The finished product is working well and it is much easier to find the page I want quickly.  I also can use the second length to mark a different spot if I happen to be working on 2 areas at the same time.

Do It With a Diary


I have never been very good with using a diary but I am hoping that this year will be different.

004When the question was asked on an online forum of what your New Year’s resolution would be, this was my answer:

“I am going to stop trying to squash so much into the available time and learn to allow some slack. Recently, I seem to be stressing about meeting deadlines/arriving by a certain time etc. My mental health deserves better.”

The fact that it was 4 days before Christmas may have had something to do with my response, however, it was something that I had considered several days earlier of my own accord.

Now I just have to work out how to put this into practice.  One of the first things is to use a diary.  This neat A5, day-to-a-page diary was part of a Secret Santa gift which I received so it is definitely going to be put to use.

If I write things down rather than trying to carry a whole load of information in my head it will relieve all of the things I am trying to remember as well as showing clearly what is actually doable in one day.  It also means that all of those little jobs that I think of that I am going to do one day are now allocated to a time and day.  I choose the time to fit my schedule and will then just do them.  No more forgetting the little stuff and trying to squash too much into the available time.

A grand goal and I am really hoping that I can make serious progress on achieving it.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work and I have 2 jobs listed in my personal diary.  Post a parcel and take the apparently faulty iPhone charging cable back to the Apple store as it was only bought in July last year.

How do you feel about New Year’s resolutions?  Do you have any plans to do things differently this year?

Why Blog?


It is not that many years ago that most of us had never heard of a blog, let alone read one, or heaven forbid, actual written a blog post.  Some days now, it seems as though everyone is writing.  All of this got me to thinking about what made me start and why I continue to blog.

My blog is not an advertising vehicle.  It is not a money-making exercise.

simplicityMy blog is a diary.  I am able to share my thoughts and ideas on a wide range of topics.  It allows me to connect with others who share similar values and interests.  It is me.  Pure and simple.