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Part of being organised is making and keeping track of appointments.  This week I have appointments for a dental check up, haircut and mammogram on 3 consecutive days.

2016-05-23 01

I am lucky because Breastscreen and my dentist both send reminders when an appointment is due.  I simply make the appointment and make a note in my electronic calendar at work.

My hair appointments are generally 7 weeks apart and I make the following appointment when I am at the salon.

The dentist and hairdresser both send an SMS reminder the day before the appointment.

My haircut on Thursday was one of 3 that I planned and booked back in February.  I did this as I was calculating the intervals so that I could make sure I had my hair cut just before we leave to go on holidays in July.  I will have it cut 2 days before we leave so that it will last for the whole holiday.

What regular appointments do you make and how do you manage them?  Diary?  Electronic notes?  Some other method?

Time To Take Three


I have been very busy this week and working long hours in order to catch up on some things at work.  I had planned to take a day off tomorrow but have changed it to Monday so that I can finish some tasks before the end of the month.

In between all of the busyness I managed to cross 3 things off my list on Tuesday.  The first thing I did was to articulate what I was going to achieve by telling The Duke.  Letting someone know helps to make you accountable.

My 3 things were relatively minor but need doing.

1  Make a dental appointment

2 Send an email to our accountant to make an appointment for our tax

3 Contact the owner of the venue where we will be holding a birthday celebration for The Duke


These had been rolling around in my head and going nowhere but suddenly they took on an unexpected level of importance once I had shared them with someone else.  Best of all, it took a total of 5 minutes to do them.  I now have the dental and tax appointments in my diary and some details confirmed regarding the dinner.