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Part of being organised is making and keeping track of appointments.  This week I have appointments for a dental check up, haircut and mammogram on 3 consecutive days.

2016-05-23 01

I am lucky because Breastscreen and my dentist both send reminders when an appointment is due.  I simply make the appointment and make a note in my electronic calendar at work.

My hair appointments are generally 7 weeks apart and I make the following appointment when I am at the salon.

The dentist and hairdresser both send an SMS reminder the day before the appointment.

My haircut on Thursday was one of 3 that I planned and booked back in February.  I did this as I was calculating the intervals so that I could make sure I had my hair cut just before we leave to go on holidays in July.  I will have it cut 2 days before we leave so that it will last for the whole holiday.

What regular appointments do you make and how do you manage them?  Diary?  Electronic notes?  Some other method?

Gently Grey


Many of the things I do and decisions I make have their origins in the desire to live a simpler, more streamlined existence.  However, in time it becomes part of who I am and I tend to forget about what prompted my decision in the first place.

I was reading Fifty, Not Frumpy the other day and as well as the gorgeously styled outfits I was struck by the colour of Susan’s hair.  Mine is not and possibly will never be that colour but it reminded me of my own choices that I have made.

Like many young women, I began to notice a small amount of grey in my hair at around my 30th birthday.  I have never been a big spender on expensive hair styling and salon treatments so I coloured it myself for about 15 years.  During that time I had a couple of attempts at leaving my hair as its natural colour but was not overly impressed with the result.  There was not enough grey to be significant and the effect was dull and ‘bleugh’.

I finally bit the bullet when I was in my mid forties.  I did not have too much of an issue growing it out as I tend to keep my hair cut fairly short anyway.

Going grey
While my hair is far from completely grey, it is obvious that it is natural and not coloured.  It is easy to maintain and fits nicely with my simple life.

I have my hair cut about every 6 – 7 weeks which costs me $35 at a city salon.  I buy shampoo and conditioner from the Co-op.  They are in bulk containers and I can refill my bottles plus it contains no sodium laureth sulfate or other nasty chemicals.  A splash of water and a hairbrush are the only styling aids I use.  You can’t get much more simple than that.