Friday Filing


As promised, here is my Friday filing post.  Not much has changed since last week.  We get very little mail so there is not much to deal with.

2015-01-09 01The Range News is our local (free) newspaper which is delivered on Thursdays.  I have read it this evening to make sure I am not missing out on any important local news and now it has been filed in the recycling bin.

Other than that, there is a new insurance schedule now that we have had the policy amended to account for our new car.  It has not been filed in the filing cabinet as I need to contact the insurance company as I think the description of the car is incorrect which has resulted in a higher premium than it should be.  I will make that phone call on Monday.

We are both in the process of reading the ReNew magazine about alternative technologies.  I think this is published every quarter and we keep them in a magazine holder for reference after they have been read.

The hand-written sheet is a rough list of some of the things we want to achieve in the house and garden this year so that stays there as a reminder of our plans.

Previously, these few pieces of paper would have been scattered on the bench and really irritated me but I am finding that having them in the basket has reduced the annoyance factor to zero.

Do you have any tricks to keeping on top of the paper clutter and filing?

4 thoughts on “Friday Filing

  1. Snap Fairy, we have a basket on our work bench in the kitchen with various sheets of paper that need to be dealt with. At present our basket has spilled over into our wooden fruit bowl so the next job on my list is to sort it all out and start again.

    • Sounds like time for some action. 🙂 Having a basket (or similar) helps by creating a limit but you do need to adhere to that and not let it overflow. Perhaps you could set aside a small amount of time regularly – each day or each week – to work on it. Let us know how you go. 🙂

  2. I put a No Junk Mail sign on our letterbox, so that cuts that out.
    We do online banking and get most of our invoices online (not all of them however).
    We open mail immediately and recycle the envelopes and advertising.
    We get a local newspaper twice a week, when I’ve read it I fold the back page back, when my husband has, he folds the front page, so either of us can put it in the recycling bin, this saves the newspaper hanging round for days.
    When we buy something new (rarely) we staple the store receipt to the warranty and file it in our Warranties file.
    I empty my wallet daily of any credit card slips, dockets, etc.
    We file straight away, and we also regularly go through the files in the filing cabinet and weed out LOTS of paper every time.
    That’s probably about it, the great trick is to keep at it all the time then it doesn’t become “a big job to tackle”.

    • These are great ideas and things that we do also, except for the tip about the newspaper. I like that one. 🙂 I usually just say, “Have you finished with the paper?”

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