Friday Filing


As promised, here is my Friday filing post.  Not much has changed since last week.  We get very little mail so there is not much to deal with.

2015-01-09 01The Range News is our local (free) newspaper which is delivered on Thursdays.  I have read it this evening to make sure I am not missing out on any important local news and now it has been filed in the recycling bin.

Other than that, there is a new insurance schedule now that we have had the policy amended to account for our new car.  It has not been filed in the filing cabinet as I need to contact the insurance company as I think the description of the car is incorrect which has resulted in a higher premium than it should be.  I will make that phone call on Monday.

We are both in the process of reading the ReNew magazine about alternative technologies.  I think this is published every quarter and we keep them in a magazine holder for reference after they have been read.

The hand-written sheet is a rough list of some of the things we want to achieve in the house and garden this year so that stays there as a reminder of our plans.

Previously, these few pieces of paper would have been scattered on the bench and really irritated me but I am finding that having them in the basket has reduced the annoyance factor to zero.

Do you have any tricks to keeping on top of the paper clutter and filing?