Keeping Things Tidy


I saw the following question posed on an internet forum the other day.

“What room do you always like to keep tidy?”

The answers were as wide-ranging as there are people.  My favourite was probably, “The guest toilet – the family are banned from using it”.

Of course then there is the small matter of interpretation.  What do you regard as a tidy room?  Pristine?  Basically clean?  No clutter?

A tidy room in a home with a number of children might be vastly different from a single or two adult household.

The 2 rooms that are always clean and tidy at our place are the bathroom and the guest bedroom.  As one clever person observed, no-one actually ‘lives’ in a bathroom, therefore, therefore it is easier to keep tidy.  After having lived with 2 teenage daughters I would dispute that assertion in some instances.  Our bathroom now is small and sparsely furnished and requires only a quick wipe to look fresh and sparkling.

003I find it interesting to note that the 2 rooms that are the most difficult to keep tidy are the study and the sewing room.  I don’t think that it is any coincidence that these are the areas that still require more decluttering.

001Remember, the more stuff you have, the more cleaning, tidying, storing and organising it will require.

Tables should be clear surfaces ready to be used.

Dining tableThis is the shelving unit in the living room.

2012-11-21 01I always try to keep the bedroom as clear as possible as an uncluttered, calm room is more conducive to good sleeping.

2013-04-18Move the unwanted stuff out and the house will be easier to keep tidy and you will have more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.

What rooms do you always like to be tidy?  What are the challenges you face?  Are there rooms that defy even the best of intentions?

I would love to hear what you think and perhaps we can work together to make some progress.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Things Tidy

  1. I will share my ‘successes’, rather than works in progress. We’re both pack rats by nature, so there’s a lot of works in progress. I’ve chosen to tackle one sore spot at a time, prioritized by how ‘important’ it feels, and how achievable it is.
    The island in my kitchen is usually clear. This was a deliberate decision, with reasons shared with the OH so I wouldn’t be fighting a losing battle, and constantly maintained. We thus always have space to actually prepare food.
    The dining room table is usually more or less clear, except for a decorative centrepiece. This was another deliberate decision, reasons shared etc. So we always have a place to sit down together for a meal, and can serve guests without much extra effort, too.
    The garden is an area for constant vigilance, but we both aim, at a minimum, to always get tools put away, out of sight and out of the weather after every use. This helps. 🙂

    • I really like the way you have actually made a conscious decision about certain spots rather than let yourself feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. I also agree about the constant vigilance whether indoors or outside in the garden.

      It is about what works for you.

      Best wishes, packrats. 🙂

  2. am totally hopeless at keeping any room ‘tidy’ now that i have the house to myself. though am working on small areas at a time. recently lost my best friend (dog) so nothing is getting tidied here for the moment.

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