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If you live in a location with a reasonably warm climate, there is one thing to grow that I cannot recommend highly enough.  Sweet potato.  It is a nutritious, versatile vegetable that will grow with the minimum of fuss.  There is a heap of information here.

I have had them growing for a couple of years and there are almost always some available to harvest.  This is my latest haul.

2015-02-27 01Sweet potato can be boiled, baked, steamed and mashed.  You can make chips or soup.  I grate it coarsely and stir-fry it and serve instead of rice or pasta with chicken stir-fry or bolognaise sauce.  You can even use it to make chocolate brownies.

6 thoughts on “Get Growing

    • Usually over a fairly high heat in the wok with a little coconut oil. It does stick a bit but I accept that loss. The wok is good as I like to have plenty of space to toss it around.

  1. i’ve still not had much success growing them as yet, have some that came up again which i put around the mandarin tree down the back & i have 2 growing on my table which i’m thinking of planting in on my west side with my small trees there, hoping that it will suffocate the grass somewhat.
    i have seen a few cakes & slices recipes of late with them in but nearly everyone of them uses almond flour which i don’t have access to, so i’m going to try substituting rice flour & see how they go
    great post
    thanx for sharing

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