Little Things & Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday)

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Tonight I just want to share a couple of things with you.

You may remember this post from last month where I talked about making a ‘whiteboard’ to put inside the laundry cupboard.2015-03026 01I finally got around to cutting up the manilla folder and laminating the 2 sheets.  The second sheet will become a shopping/to do list in the pantry.  I have 2 whiteboards pens to go with them so now all I need to do is to attach them.

The other thing I wanted to show you is how to get labels off jars/bottles  I am sure you have noticed that the type and quality of the labels varies enormously.  Some can be peeled off with no residue, others can be soaked of in warm soapy water while others require differing amounts of effort to remove the residue.

I forgot to post a ‘before’ photo of this bottle so you will have to believe me.

2015-03026 02The plastic-coated label peeled off quite easily but left a full coating of residue.  I used my home-made cream cleanser and the steel scourer.

2015-03026 03I have seen tips about using eucalyptus oil for these jobs as it tends to dissolve the residue.  However, it is not terribly effective at removing the softened adhesive.  The bicarb and dishwashing liquid in the recipe and a steel scourer made short work of any last bits.

On to the second part of the blog –  Wordless Wednesday.  You may have noticed the lack of blog post last night.  By Wednesday evenings I am usually struggling to find some worthwhile content as there is nothing ‘blogworthy’ going on at work.  In order to maintain regular posts each day, I have decided to instigate ‘Wordless Wednesday’ which seemed to be quite popular on several blogs a couple of years ago.  Each week I will post a photo with no or minimal information.  Take the time to enjoy the photo and as always, I welcome your comments.

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