Tracking 2015 – March

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It is a few days into April and you could be forgiven for thinking that I had forgotten this series.  But no, I am just running a little late.

BudgetingHere are the monthly totals so far:

January – $2,628.73
February – $1,783.49
March – $4,320.56

Well March really blew the averages!  What did we spend our money on?

The blowout in our March spending has highlighted the precise reason why I wanted to track our spending for a whole year.  I knew that our variable spending was very patchy.

One example is the category “Pets/Vet/Registration”.  Our combined total for January and February for this category was $43 yet in March it was $673.  The dog had his annual check-up and annual heartworm medication, we bought 2 large bags of dog food, chicken feed and a fancy chicken feeder which will hopefully save us money in the long run by not allowing other wildlife to access the feed.

2011-12-12 04Food was also higher due due some bulk buying of nuts and dried fruit.

We both bought clothes this month – 2 dresses, a bag and shoes for me and Gman bought 2 new business shirts.

2015-03-21 01One of the cars was serviced and we continue to spend on things to do with house maintenance and developing the garden.

The spending was carefully considered but I certainly would not want to be spending like that every month.

The regular Friday Flashback post will be up this evening.

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