A Curve Ball


Well, hello!  I expect you have been wondering about my disappearance.

2015-06-21 01The past 8 days since I last posted have been more than just busy.  My mind has been totally consumed by other issues and I have not even considered blogging.

My mother underwent open heart surgery 6 days ago and is now recovering.  She is progressing well and I will be back with more everyday tales soon.

It is a cool, crisp day here on the winter solstice.  How about at your place?  Are you in the northern hemisphere and enjoying warm days and the long evening twilight?

I look forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “A Curve Ball

  1. My very best wishes for your mother’s swift recovery Fairy. These times are always a worry, but the medical staff are wonderful nowadays, aren’t they? Look after yourself too.

  2. Best wishes and a speedy recovery for your mum. I find I am so glad that I am an organised person so when a curveball is thrown to me I can concentrate on what is happening and normal life ticks along in the background.

  3. Yes, here in the northern hemisphere, we are enjoying plenty of relative warmth and longer days, which helps to get a few more things done outdoors than we might otherwise. I have noticed your absence, and wondered. But as you say, some things are just far more important than blogging. I hope your mother makes a full and swift recovery. Best wishes to you and all the family. xx

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